The Situation

NC Land And Home is a land investor that specializes in many property types, including residential lots, agricultural, recreational/hunting tracts, timberland, and investment properties. They needed help targeting these kinds of specific properties and came to us for help.

The Solution

They decided on a direct mail campaign that utilized variable data printing to personalize each postcard with that recipient’s first name and the town their property resides in. This added layer of personal detail always helps catch the recipient’s eye while they’re scanning through their mail.

NC Land And Home’s postcard design featured:

  • A headline with the recipient’s first name and residing town, capturing their attention
  • The land specialists name, adding a touch of personalization to the postcard
  • A background of a forest, signaling to the recipient that they can handle whatever state that their property is in

The specificity of their mailing list was the biggest reason for their campaign’s success. Instead of targeting homeowners, their list only targeted people with the kind of properties they deal with, so every recipient would be receptive to their messaging.

The Results

This land specialist wanted to increase their revenue, so they started a postcard marketing campaign that brought in $15,000 in revenue! Read how…

Within one week of mailing, NC Land And Home received 4 responses. With one transaction closed and the other pending, they expect to generate around $15,000 in revenue, all from one mailing!


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