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Real Estate Investment Direct Mail Printing & Bulk Mailing

With Rocket Print & Mail’s financial expertise, we will work with you to design, print and bulk mail direct mail postcards, letters, snap parts and more. Looking for a unique mail piece or size or shape? No problem, we can custom quote that for you!

Real Estate Investment Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing Letters

Having trouble getting noticed in the mailbox? Try mailing handwritten letters on eye-catching, yanked-right-from-the-legal-pad yellow paper! They’re simple, personal, get incredible results – aaaand you don’t actually have to write them...

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Real Estate Investment Handwritten Lette
Real Estate Investment Mailers

Official Looking Yellow Postcards

Tired of watching your marketing budget go down the drain? With postcards from Rocket Print & Mail, every dollar you spend goes to building your client base and getting your business NOTICED!

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Yellow Real Estate Investment Postcard
Real Estate Investment Marketing

Product Samples

ID: REI-1024
ID: REI-1023
ID: REI-1022
ID: REI-1021
ID: REI-1019
ID: REI-1018
ID: REI-1017
ID: REI-1016
ID: REI-1015
ID: REI-1014
ID: REI-1013
ID: REI-1012
ID: REI-1011
ID: REI-10010
ID: REI-1009
ID: REI-1008
ID: REI-1007
ID: REI-1006
ID: REI-1005
ID: REI-1004
ID: REI-1003
ID: REI-1002
ID: REI-1001
ID: REI-1000
ID: LND-BUY-1010
ID: LND-BUY-1008
ID: LND-BUY-1009
ID: LND-BUY-1007
Real Estate Investment

Case Studies

He is averaging making $100,000 in revenue a month!
This land specialist wanted to increase their revenue, so they started a postcard marketing campaign that brought in $15,000 in revenue! Read how…
They received 30 responses and are anticipating making $64,000 from buying 16 properties which are sold or under contract.
This property investor wanted to increase their revenue, so they started a postcard marketing campaign that generated $84,000 in revenue! Read how…
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