Land Investing direct mail advertising case study

Direct Mail Advertising Case Study: Land Investors

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The Situation

Rocket Print & Mail recently worked with a land investor client (who wishes to remain anonymous) who needed to find clients willing to sell their vacant land. This client worked with individuals all over the United States to help give them a hassle-free process of getting unused land off their hands and cash in their pockets.

The Solution

This land investor signed up for an Everywhere Land Investing Platinum marketing campaign that included letters and coordinating digital ads on Google, Facebook/Instagram, and Gmail. The digital ads showed up in prospect’s online feeds after they received the letter in the mail. This helped remind them to visit their website or call and consider selling their land.

The client mailed out a total of 3,000 letters to their own list of land owners. The letter addressed the prospect by full name and included details on the benefits of selling land to them including a fast, trouble-free sale, a fair price, fast cash, and they would pay all the closing fees. The letter also included the client’s signature, which gave it a personal touch.

The letters were mailed in batches of 750 pieces on a weekly mailing schedule.

The Results

As a result, the Google ads made 44,732 impressions and received 436 clicks; the Gmail ads made 2,291 impressions and received 56 clicks; and the Facebook/Instagram ads made 3,400 impressions and received 71 clicks.


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