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snap pack mailers
Snap Pack Mailers

Boost your return on investment with perforated mailers that give the impression of urgency.

Snap pack mailers look official and urgent, like a government notice or rebate check, which is why they get opened up to 95% of the time! Your recipient simply tears off the perforated edges to see what’s inside.

When you choose pressure seal mailers at PostcardMania, you get:

  • Fully personalized mailer by adding your messaging and contact information
  • Merged data from your mailing list so that each snap apart is customized to the person receiving it
  • Printed, folded, glued, and perforated snap apart mailers sent via standard mail
  • Free snap apart samples

What Industries Should Use Snap Pack Mail?

Because they have such a high open rate,
snap packs are effective for kinds of industries, including:

Automotive Snap-Apart Mailers


Snap pack automotive direct mail is a great way to promote your seasonal sales event, rebate offer, promotions and more.

Real Estate Snap-Apart Mailers

Real Estate

Snap pack realtor direct mail is the perfect way to let homeowners know there are interested buyers in their properties. An official notice of the opportunity will ensure prospects read the message and consider your offer.

Financial Snap-Apart Mailers


Checks and other financial documents often come as official mailers, which is why they are super effective at marketing your financial services company!

Vacation Snap-Apart Mailers

Vacation Offers

Your prospects will be eager to see what amazing vacation deal awaits them inside your snap pack mailer.

Insurance Snap-Apart Mailers


Snap pack direct mail is ideal for promoting auto, homeowner, life or health insurance.

We are dedicated to winning your business, we will do our best to beat any comparable quote.


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Frequently Asked



How much does it cost to mail snap-aparts?

Standard bulk postage for pressure seal mailers is generally $0.21-$0.26. Because we are a commercial printer that mails in large quantities, Rocket Print & Mail gets postage discounts that we pass along to you!

What is a direct mail snap pack?

A snap pack – also called a snap apart or unenveloped mail – is an official-looking piece of direct mail that requires the recipient to tear perforated strips off three sides in order to open it.

Why use snap mailers?

A snap mailer looks like an official or time-sensitive notice – in fact, your prospects are used to receiving financial information and other highly anticipated mail this way. Studies have shown snap mailers to have up to a 95% open rate!

Can I use color on my snap mailers?

Absolutely! We can design and print snap packs in traditional black and white or with color to draw extra attention to your mail piece!

How much do snap pack mailers cost?

Snap mailers are affordable because you don’t have to worry about buying or stuffing envelopes! Our mailers cost as little as .06 each, including design, printing, folding, glue and perforation! Call us at 1-800-442-0112 for a quote.

How are snap mailers personalized?

We will merge data from your mailing list so that each snap-apart is customized to the person receiving it. Using variable data printing technology, each piece of snap pack paper can include unique information, such as names, addresses, offers and more!

Do you provide a snap pack template I can use?

Yes! We have tons of snap pack mailer templates for you to choose from. You can also can use your own design or have us create one for you!

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