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My account manager Joe at Rocket Print has made all the difference in my experience of going from total novice to beginner-intermediate marketer. Managing 10’s of thousands of lines of data and keeping track of what is going where and when can be a hairy experience but thanks to Joe I feel calm and confident in knowing where everything is going and when. Letters bring leads, and leads turn into deals. The importance of a solid foundation at the marketing level can not be overstated. Thank you Joe!
David S.
Ruben and the Rocket Print team are excellent to work with. They help me to save on marketing costs, which is inherently valuable. However, what cannot be quantified is the customer service that Ruben and his team provide. Ruben does not work for me, but I sometimes feel like he is my most helpful employee. He helps me to remember when I am low on mailer data and is always one step ahead of me on my to-do list. I recently made a small tweak to my letter, and before I could notice an error I had overlooked, Ruben reached out to see if I would like to update it. Thank you for all the value and attention to detail you provide.
James C.
5/5 Stars for Rocket Print! Kelly Strawn has been my campaign coordinator for my mail marketing and she has educated me on all the offered services, and even offered feedback and tips for how to improve how I'm approaching marketing for my business. This is more than just a mail house. I have a positive experience working with Kelly and Rocket Print every time because of her extremely quick responses to all my questions and requests, along with everyone I've interacted with being friendly with a good sense of humor! The pricing is competitive as well - no complaints.
Jake B.
I hope I included everyone involved but I want to make certain that you all know you did an absolutely wonderful job. You exceeded my expectations. You have my business for life.
Margarita V. Segall, P.A.
I am thoroughly impressed time after time with RPM! I can only imagine some of the hurdles that your team has to go through each week with all of my mailings but it always seems to work out. I read your newsletter the other day and was intrigued with Maggie’s call center experience as I used to do phone sales as well. I have always thought that anyone who was successful at phone sales can be successful at just about anything. We have had a great year so far in my opinion and I have some good stuff in the pipeline for the near future! Thanks again and sorry for the late response!
Paul Benenati
Aligning Solutions
Thanks to you and your team for a job well done.
I would highly recommend RocketPrint. It has moved to the top of the list of our marketing methods. We expect to close 4 deals this month, and have others in the pipeline.
Felicia W.
This was by far one of the best marketing pushes that we have tried. The response was perfect and we have been generating some appointments and leads. We will definitely be doing more of these in the future!
Whitestone Financial Services
Rocketprint & Mail delivers a high quality newsletter to all our patients on time and on budget! Thanks!
Lisa Friberg
All About Smiles
Rocket Print & Mail has been handling my mailings for close to two years now and always manage to provide top notch service. I mainly send a dual fold snap pack tear away mailer and RPM is BY FAR the best. From the moment I submit an order the RPM team of experts handles everything with care. Their team has multiple pairs of eyes and ears on every project to ensure quality each time. They always provide personal care and detailed work which is why I have trusted them with over 3 million mailers since doing business together. I highly recommend Rocket Print & Mail for any company in the wonderful world of mail marketing.
Paul B.
About a year ago, we were experimenting on our own with direct mail and we were using various competitors. Through making some calls and doing a little research, our company came across RocketPrint & Mail. So, we gave them a shot and we definitely saw a large increase in the amount of pieces we were mailing utilizing their services while keeping our costs the same. We experienced an increase in the number of phone calls we received and in the traffic coming through our locations. Rocket Print & Mail is customer service driven and they have all of the marketing services a business would need in order to succeed. I would recommend their services to anyone that ever expresses a need for marketing support for their business because our company has experienced first hand success utilizing the resources of Rocket Print & Mail!
David T.
Just got the postcards, they look GREAT! Thank you to you and your team for the great work. We will definitely spread the word on your behalf. We also look forward to working with you again.
Shawn Sawyer
St. John's Baptist Church
I highly recommend the staff at for any of your mailing needs. They have performed on time, ask great questions, and their pricing is very competitive. What I like most about this organization is that they will treat a small mailing as if it were a large mailing. They are all about service and it is a pleasure working with the staff.
Hap Ellerby
Blackhawk Corp.
Thanks to everyone at RocketPrint for helping WQYK with our Radio Bingo promotion. You jumped through hoops to get this project completed on time and it paid off... WQYK's ratings during this promotion were huge! We can’t wait for the next one!
Heidi Heinz
WQYK Radio Station
A couple of years ago our office was doing approximately 30 new patients a month. We were with another printing company who was doing just what I asked for. Then I received this postcard from RocketPrint, so I thought I would try them. Well new patients started to go up. I would have meetings with Maggie at RocketPrint and we would go over our statistics on new patients. Well now its been a couple of years and we are consistently getting between 90-125 new patients monthly. Having this many new patients has changed our practice and brought it to a new level. Production has gone up 300% and collections has gone up 300%.
Felicia Torres
Affinity Dental Group
We really appreciate you and your team.
Philip Rewilak
The Financial Group Of Philadelphia
I have had a great experience with PostcardMania! I'm a small fish when it comes to direct mail, but I have never felt that way. They are always very responsive with emails and phone calls! I also really like the mail tracking software! Thank you
Tim Krause
Done With Land
We found Rocket Print and Mail through an online search after exhausting all local possibilities for direct mail vendors. Within 30 minutes of requesting information online, a very knowledgeable and helpful Account Manager called. It was cheaper, faster and friendlier than any other direct mail vendor that we have ever worked with, and from a non-profit perspective, those qualities are very important. Thank you so much!
Jennifer Nolte
Ronald McDonald House Charities
PostcardMania helped jump start our direct mail campaign! Using their services we were able to distribute professional, but friendly and inviting letters to potential clients. One customer even stated this is the first piece of mail he'd ever responded to in regards to his real estate, because of the quality of the letter.
Brian Metz
CTBM Parks
We received our packet of newsletters today and they look great, thank you all so much for your work on these and getting them out the door this week. Best of all, we’ve already been contacted about our offer included on the insert by a recipient on the mailing list
Gary Sinkos
I have gotten a lot of success using you and I would like to start doing 2-4 mailings of 2,000-3000 per month in the next month or two every month.
Grubb Financial
I've been a professional print broker and creative director for over 15 years. In my line of work I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of vendors during that time, many of which were mail houses. When I found RocketPrint of Tampa Bay I knew that I found a vendor that I would have for life. Their staff is friendly, knowledgeable, professional and most of all dependable. In the 3 years I have been dealing with them they have never missed a deadline and are always helpful in finding the right solution to fill my clients needs. They follow up on projects and never let anything get overlooked. They are a great extension of my own company and I can rely on them with confidence. They have been nothing short of a pleasure to deal with
Celine Pastore
Windsor Marketing Group, Inc.
This is unbelievable!!!!!!! We sent 5,000 formal invites with two different dates to attend a financial “discussion”. They were sent to consumers with IPA of 1,000,000+. Just for the first seminar they have received a 0.7% response with more coming in for the second session. WOW!!!!!!
Martin Spears
I really like the look of the envelope. Thank you. It's great doing business with you and the "mania" people. You are professional... You do what you say you will
Merri Oskins
Trojan Professional Services, Inc.
Right out of the gates my design looked fabulous and you captured my message perfectly. I really was pleasantly surprised. Your entire team has been wonderful to work with.
Chris B.
Thank you so much everyone for all of your help!!!!!! I just went to our website to check it out and it looks fantastic!!! You guys are amazing!!!! Have a great day.
Beth Beach
Elite Physical Therapy
Hi Cassandra, I just wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did in managing my design project. Thank you so much, it is greatly appreciated! The excellent service makes me feel very confident in working with Rocket Print & Mail (PostcardMania).
Dan Quittman
I received the postcards today and they look awesome! Thanks for the extras for the other concerts too. I am very happy with these cards and the work done on them.
Mark Eckhardt
Fredericksburg Music Club, Inc.
I’m not one to open mail unless I know from where it came from. However, one afternoon after retrieving my mail I noticed a peculiar sized envelope along with my bills and other mail. I opened it out of curiosity and found a letter from Jet Mail Tampa Bay. I was immediately drawn to what the letter had to say and began reading further. Being the Owner of a Mortgage Company and in the process of launching a new sister company, the letter made total sense to me about whether or not my own marketing was being read. I called right away and got Bill on the phone, and I told him my situation. In talking with him, I found that he was extremely knowledgeable and was eager to help me get the most of my advertising dollars. After a half hour on the phone with him, I realized all of my previous efforts in marketing were extremely costly and I could have saved a ton money and time by letting RocketPrint handle this part of my business. All I do now is pick up the phone and let them know where I want my mailings to go and they take care of it, and very inexpensively compared to others out there. The best part was that I also needed a new logo for my new sister company. Lisa the art designer was put in charge. I ended up with a logo that my competition envies and I get compliments on from just about everyone. If you are a business owner, whether large or small, you know that time and money are the essence of a successful business. These guys will help you save both, guaranteed!
Randy Hewitt
Five Star Mortgage Group
They say word of mouth is the best from of marketing, that may be true as that’s how I found RocketPrint! However, those of us in the direct marketing world would like to think “word of mouth” is only second to “direct mail”! I was working with a local Tampa mailhouse with my primary client being Hungry Howies Pizza N Subs. Our overall volume wasn’t too large, however from time to time we could anticipate a mailing of 50 to 100K piece. My mailhouse at the time was struggling to meet that demand and I went searching. A friend suggested I call Maggie ….and as the say…the rest is history. Now 2 years later my company not only mails for Hungry Howies but also Sweetbay Supermarkets, Tropical Smoothie Café, Forsythe Mortgage and a host of others. Our overall mail volume surpassed over 2.5 Million pieces of saturation mail and another 1 Million of Standard Bulk mail. RocketPrint handled all of our needs with ease and professionalism. Their staff is well trained and has never “left me hanging” as happened with other Mailhouses. I go out of my way to have my mail processed by RocketPrint, even paying shipping charges from printers out of state to ship my product to Clearwater so I can rest assured it will be handled properly. My wife, Shari and I certainly appreciate that confidence and more importantly so do our clients.
Steve Marsh
FrontRunner Ad Group
Just got the postcards, they look GREAT! Thank you to you and your team for the great work. We will definitely spread the word on your behalf. We also look forward to working with you again.
St. John's Baptist Church
PostcardMania provides a quality product, amazing prices and impeccable customer service every time. I particularly like their mail-tracking software, so I can see exactly when my mail is hitting mailboxes. No more wondering if the mail ever got delivered. I'm so glad I switched over to these guys!
Chris Kenny
Fireside Land
Thanks for all your help on the mailer. It is yielding great results for us.
Susan Mitchell
Dunwoody Nature Center
We just had our biggest one day sale EVER! using rocketmail. I did review the barcoded envelopes and they will help us even more.
Brother's Bedding
I love how you are approaching this. You are the first firm that is trying to understand my business and create a marketing plan around that. Thank you for all your work.
John Deitrick
Advanced Retirement Design
Tina, The postcards are working!!!!! Thanks, Felicia
Affinity Dental Group
What a sweetheart you are - thank you. It's so nice to work with someone that's easy to talk with on a human-to-human level. This has been such a difficult, drawn-out process for me as a first-timer (with computer problems to boot), that I have SO appreciated having an understanding, real person on the other end that I'm confident has it all under control for me. Thank you so vey much!
Matt A.
Laura has been amazing at getting us up and running and making sure our weekly mailing go out the door on time!
Tim Evans
Evans IG, LLC
Laura at PostcardMania / Rocket Print & Mail is awesome! Excellent service. Great pricing. Quick and easy communication. Incredible experience so far!!
Jeff Prudon
We Buy Acreage LLC
Our Dumpster Day went great and the postcards were a real blessing. We more than doubled the response and are ready to try the postcards once again for a different ministry.
Linda Roth
Beacon Hill Baptist Church
Thanks so much Tina - It has been a pleasure working with RocketMail and look forward to continuing our marketing with your services 🙂 - Karyn
Overall experience was excellent, mailing was executed exactly as we specified.
Fred Sanborn
Committee For Responsible School Spending
You are very good at what you do and I appreciate your support as I grow my business and become one of the industry's leading women!!! We will be successful together 🙂
Trisha Kroner
Stead Fast Financial Services
I appreciate the fast and friendly service of Rocket Print & Mail. Their knowledgeable staff is very responsive to my needs and requests and their turnaround time is excellent.
Thomas Trask
Dennis Insurance Agency
Just a note back to tell you how much RocketPrint’s services has helped us here at our physical therapy practice. We have been doing a quarterly newsletter for a year now and have done about 6 issues utilizing their design team and services. Our circulation has grown to over 1000 newsletters distributed. We are consistently receiving compliments from our current and previous patients on the professionalism of the newsletter and the layout design. We also have implemented the newsletter as a marketing tool when we visit with referring doctors and new doctors. We offer them a chance to write and contribute an informational article which we then print along with their picture and practice information in an effort to increase our relationship with them and offer them something back in thanks of their referrals to our practice. RocketPrint has become a valuable tool in our marketing efforts to both the physician and patient populations that we continue to reach out to. Thank you for your help and professional, accountable service!
Free Motion Rehabilitation Center
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you both for my recent order... getting lots of calls so far (32 calls so far — 3.2%, which you know is higher than the USPS reported average for direct mail!). The cards look great and I appreciated your assistance. PostcardMania is the best! Thanks again
Amy Presley
Grace Realty Partners, LLC
Hi Angela and Deb, I just wanted you to know that we had a good turnout – 31 people show up for the seminar. Forty-two had originally registered, We were very pleased with this entire process, including the tele-marketing calling aspect. We will definitely be using your service again. Thank you for your expeditious efforts to help! Penne
Penne Stafford
LPL Financial
Excellent, Aaron Williams is extremely attentive and knowledgeable in the process. Deadlines were met and the representatives of the company were professional at all times.
Randy N.
Rocket print offered us great pricing, service and quality. We would use them again.
Jean Mann
School Choice International
Rocket Print & Mail