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Yellow Letters

Get Results with Yellow Letter Marketing

Having trouble getting noticed in the mailbox? Try mailing handwritten letters on eye-catching, yanked-right-from-the-legal-pad yellow paper! They’re simple, personal, get incredible results – aaaand you don’t actually have to write them…

Yellow Letters Help You

  • Get the attention of more prospects.
  • Increase response with personalized communication.
  • Make more money off of your mailings.

Yellow letter real estate campaigns are proven to produce huge results. But yellow letter mail is also perfect for automotive dealers and insurance agents.

Call us today to get a complete yellow letter marketing campaign for your business!

We are dedicated to winning your business, we will do our best to beat any comparable quote.


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Frequently Asked



Letters vs. Postcards which is more effective and why?

In real estate, a letter is more response effective but postcards cost less. Letters have more space to put personalized information for each recipient and letters show that you’re truly interested in making a connection which makes people want to know who’s contacting them and why. Our marketing professionals are knowledgeable about the differences and are glad to make recommendations after accessing on your Individual needs.

What is variable data? How can I use this?

Variable data is any field of information on your list that can be personalized on each individual mail piece. This can be used to take your data in your list and place it directly into the mail piece so your recipients know exactly why you’re contacting them.

What is a snap apart? Why would I use these?

A snap apart is a personalized letter with a twist; it’s made into a very formal looking self-mailer with no envelope that demands immediate attention. Because there is no envelope it can be more cost effective thus bringing more value.

Do you have results from others in my industry?

Every campaign is different so in order to truly determine what your results will be you’ll have to get started with a campaign that has tracking and follow up built in. We offer these services as well, see below for further details.

What does “NCOA” stand for and what is a “live stamp”? Why do I need them?

NCOA stands for National Change of Address and it is a tool developed by the post office to help ensure that records are up to date. When mailing items with personalized information NCOA is absolutely crucial and required by the post office to making sure you can accurately address your mail to THE intended recipient without having to add “current resident” to your address panel.

A live stamp is the finishing touch to your mailer, it adds to the personal esthetic in a very simple way: it looks like a regular stamp, but allows you the benefit of postage rates at under $0.31 each. This along with our tested handwritten fonts will have your prospects thinking that you personally wrote them a letter.

Do you have tools to track my campaign? What’s the cost?

Mail tracking costs a penny per piece and lets you see what days the mail is hitting homes. Call tracking is done through an exclusive call forwarding number, the forwarding number is put on your letters and all incoming calls are recorded . Costs on call tracking vary based on volume mailed and start as low as $35.

What quantity should I mail in?

Minimally you want to mail 5,000 to see a good response. Our minimum quantity is 1,000 but the prices get better as the quantity goes up.

How often should I hit my list? How many times should I mail to it?

Hit the list no less than 3 times every 2 – 4 weeks, if you’re not consistent with your marketing you will have a hard time staying consistent with your flow of incoming leads and sales.

What kind of list data is right for me? Can you get this? What’s the cost? Can I upload my own list?

Real estate investors typically look for 4 kinds of data: Probates, absentee homeowners, late on mortgage, and recent divorcees. Probates and divorce lists are court data that PCM/RPM do not provide. Contact your local court house to find out how to access this data. and as such it is more cost effective and more accurate data if gotten through the county, but every county is different on how they distribute this information. Many larger and denser counties have this data on their website. RocketPrint & Mail can get absentee home owner lists and late on mortgage lists. These typically cost between 11.5 cents and 18 cents depending on the other data involved. If your list is in an excel spreadsheet then you may email it to

What if my demographic doesn’t have enough names to support your minimums?

If you have your own list and it is below 1,000 or you know your area won’t have that many names then we would suggest adding another list and sending mail to both groups at the same time. If this is not going to work for you then you might want to look into hiring a graphics designer with a printer to help you get started and once you grow into the quantities we handle we’ll be glad to help you continue to grow.

How long does it take to mail after my order is placed? When should I expect a response?

If you are providing print ready art for your mailing then it will take roughly 10 business days to get your letters mailed and depending on the class of mail you specify it could take up to 14 more business days to get in home. Most of your response will happen within a few days day after the mail has arrived in the homes.

What do I pay and when?

To get you started we would need you to pay for the cost of the production and design of your mailing campaign, postage will be collected 2 – 3 days prior to mailing.

How do I pay? How much does it cost?

Any major credit card, or a check, pricing is done on a per campaign basis as everyone has different needs for their business. We also offer up to 6 months same as cash through PayPal credit for qualified candidates.

What do I need to get started?

All you need is a defined marketing plan that we can help recommend and determine with you. We have templates and lists available, everything you need to get started. Call 1-800-442-0112 today and one of our marketing consultants will assist you with a free evaluation of your needs and a solid recommendation to get you on your way. It’s that simple.

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