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Piano Services Marketing Case Study

Mailer Design

The Situation

Robertson Piano Services is a humble, family-owned piano services business located in Mesquite, Texas. After transitioning into new ownership and rebranding, the business wanted to reach out to current and former clients to bring in new appointments and inform them of the recent changes. So, they contacted Rocket Print and Mail’s marketing services to construct a direct-mail campaign that would allow them to achieve their goals.

The Solution

Design: A direct-mail marketing campaign that targets a provided list of clients spanning from the year 2010 to the present. The letter includes:

  • A professionally composed and heartfelt letter from the owner of the business.
  • An explanation of the new business owner’s background, qualifications, and goals.
  • The new name and logo of the business at the top of the page, allowing the recipient to easily identify who has sent the letter.
  • A special offer of 20% off as a display of gratitude, giving the recipient more incentive to respond to the letter and inquire about the services that the business offers.

Mailing List: A provided list of clients spanning from the year 2010 to the present

The Results

…99 new appointments so far from the campaign!

In the last four months, Ryan Robertson, the new owner of Robertson Piano Services, has received 124 new appointments and has said that around 80% of these clients are calling from the letter he sent. That comes out to about 99 new appointments so far from the campaign! Overall, this has brought in about $12,375 in revenue, which is almost an 800% ROI! Ryan says that he felt the highlight of his campaign was the fact that he had a picture of his kids on the letter, giving the campaign a more personal touch.

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