Real Estate Investment direct mail advertising case study

Direct Mail Advertising Case Study: Matador, OH, Real Estate Investment

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Successful Real Estate Investment Direct Mail Campaign

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The Situation

Matthew Kreiger and his business partner Josh Miller decided to start their own land investment business, U.S. Recland, in 2019. Matthew had been a real estate agent, flipped houses, and wanted a less stressful career. So with just $3,600 to start with, Matthew and Josh began selling land.

Initially, they used Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, Google ad words and some SEO to market the business. It worked pretty well at first, but Matt wanted to keep growing the business so he started direct mail. To save money, he stuffed, addressed, and mailed all the letters himself. However, the process became too stressful and time consuming so he looked into direct mail companies to do it for him.

Matt’s first experience using a direct mail company wasn’t that great because a lot of the mail that was sent out came back due to bad addresses. He also was not getting a good enough return on his investment from digital ads, so Matthew decided to work with RocketPrint & Mail after seeing a promotion online.

The Solution

Matt started mailing letters with RocketPrint & Mail in February of 2021. They decided to target vacant land owners in Florida and Texas. Each mailing included between 8,000-10,000 letters and were sent out on a monthly mailing schedule.

Since U.S. Recland started the direct mail campaign, they have mailed about 63,000 letters total.

The Results

Since we've been generating more revenue with the letters, my whole life has changed!

Matthew says that after they started mailing the letters, they have received an average of 50-100 responses every mailing.

He said, “The letters bring in far more leads than any other marketing we’ve tried.”

With a conversion rate of about 70%, Matthew has been able to generate more than $180,000 from these mailings and they have more than doubled their annual revenue.

“We went from making $400,000 a year in 2021 to making $800,000 a year in 2022,” he said.

Their return on investment amounted to 625%.

Matthew said he thinks the reasons their direct mail campaigns are so successful is because the addresses RocketPrint & Mail uses are accurate. They don’t get any returned mail.

Matthew also said he would recommend direct mail to someone to skip all the headaches of doing it yourself.

“Coming from someone who was licking thousands of envelopes…have an expert do it,” he said. “You have to work a lot smarter and not harder and focus on what’s going to make you money.”

Since Mathew has been generating more revenue with the letters, he has had to mail them out less frequently because they were having a hard time keeping up with the amount of leads coming in. He also has been able to send more time with his kids.

“Since we’ve been generating more revenue from the letters, my whole life has changed for the better,” Matthew said. “I have two young children and this business has given me the flexibility to spend more time with them. To say it’s changed my life is truly not giving it enough credit. It’s made all my dreams come true.”

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