The Situation

Scott Morris is the owner of a real estate investment company, Florida Land Buyer, in Riverview, FL. He looked into direct mail marketing with Rocket Print & Mail because his other marketing methods didn’t work, and he heard mail was the best way to reach land owners who want to sell their properties.

The Solution

Scott’s first mailing with Rocket Print & Mail was in January of 2022. He mailed out 500 cards a week for 10 weeks, totaling 5,000 cards.

The postcard included contact information and the benefits of taking a cash offer on selling land.

Scott focused his marketing on Florida because there is so much land in Florida and there are many prospects. He provided his own list of contacts who were owners of vacant land in Florida counties within a certain assessed price range and size who owned the land for five years or more.

Scott also targeted people who are older and found that the cards were more successful because of this demographic. Boomers tend to take the time to look through their mail and read it.

The Results

They received 30 responses and are anticipating making $64,000 from buying 16 properties which are sold or under contract.

Scott heard back from 30 people and he converted 9 of them. Out of those 9 clients, he was able to buy or start contracts on 16 properties.

Since Scott makes about $4,000 per closed deal, he anticipates making a total of $64,000 from this direct mail campaign.

Not only does direct mail create a steady stream of income for Scott, but it is also his main source of leads. Since he started mailing cards, Florida Land Buyer has been steadily growing.

Scott said about his campaign, “I think our campaign was so successful because we were consistent with our mailings, and the demographic of people we targeted take the time to look at their mail. The cool thing about direct mail is that some people get back to me right away, and other people will respond a year later.”

Florida Land Buyer continues to use Rocket Print & Mail for their direct mail needs and is looking forward to generating even greater results in the future.

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