Real Estate direct mail advertising case study

Direct Mail Advertising Case Study: Carlsbad, CA, Real Estate

Mailer Design

The Situation

Vincent Morris is a Compass Real Estate agent in Carlsbad, CA. He needed to bring in more clients, so he used Rocket Print & Mail to mail letters to prospects.

The Solution

Rocket Print & Mail printed personalized letters that included the following features:

  • A professional color photo of Vincent Morris to make the letter more personal and friendly
  • A personalized greeting and message that includes variable data (added at the time of printing) that is specific to them
  • Clear contact information (including a signature) at the bottom to show the prospect how they can get in touch with the business

Vincent provided his own mailing list of contacts, and we mailed out 28,408 letters in 3 batches of about 9,300 each. All the recipients who visited his website after the letters dropped also saw Google and Facebook follow-up ads appear on their browsers to encourage them to navigate back to Vincent’s website — and to keep his offer top-of-mind.

The Results

He received 11 qualified responses, closed 2 people, and made roughly $50,000!

The Google ads appeared a total of 113,698 times and resulted in 1,119 clicks, while the Facebook ads appeared a total of 26,203 times and resulted in 214 clicks.

After the letters arrived in mailboxes, Vincent Morris received 11 qualified responses, closed 2 people, and made roughly $50,000!

Since he spent $15,493, his marketing campaign amounts to an ROI of 223%; he more than tripled his money, made back what he spent on the letters, and received a nice profit too.

Vincent still has another 12,058 letters to mail and is looking forward to his future results.

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