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  • A couple of years ago our office was doing approximately 30 new patients a month. We were with another printing company who was doing just what I asked for. Then I received this postcard from RocketPrint, so I thought I would try them. Well new patients started to go up. I would have meetings with Maggie at RocketPrint and we would go over our statistics on new patients. Well now its been a couple of years and we are consistently getting between 90-125 new patients monthly. Having this many new patients has changed our practice and brought it to a new level. Production has gone up 300% and collections has gone up 300%.
  • I am thoroughly impressed time after time with RPM! I can only imagine some of the hurdles that your team has to go through each week with all of my mailings but it always seems to work out. I read your newsletter the other day and was intrigued with Maggie’s call center experience as I used to do phone sales as well. I have always thought that anyone who was successful at phone sales can be successful at just about anything. We have had a great year so far in my opinion and I have some good stuff in the pipeline for the near future! Thanks again and sorry for the late response!
  • I've been a professional print broker and creative director for over 15 years. In my line of work I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of vendors during that time, many of which were mail houses. When I found RocketPrint of Tampa Bay I knew that I found a vendor that I would have for life. Their staff is friendly, knowledgeable, professional and most of all dependable. In the 3 years I have been dealing with them they have never missed a deadline and are always helpful in finding the right solution to fill my clients needs. They follow up on projects and never let anything get overlooked. They are a great extension of my own company and I can rely on them with confidence. They have been nothing short of a pleasure to deal with
  • I highly recommend the staff at for any of your mailing needs. They have performed on time, ask great questions, and their pricing is very competitive. What I like most about this organization is that they will treat a small mailing as if it were a large mailing. They are all about service and it is a pleasure working with the staff.
  • Our Dumpster Day went great and the postcards were a real blessing. We more than doubled the response and are ready to try the postcards once again for a different ministry.
  • Overall experience was excellent, mailing was executed exactly as we specified.
  • I appreciate the fast and friendly service of Rocket Print & Mail. Their knowledgeable staff is very responsive to my needs and requests and their turnaround time is excellent.
  • Thanks for all your help on the mailer. It is yielding great results for us.
  • I’m not one to open mail unless I know from where it came from. However, one afternoon after retrieving my mail I noticed a peculiar sized envelope along with my bills and other mail. I opened it out of curiosity and found a letter from Jet Mail Tampa Bay. I was immediately drawn to what the letter had to say and began reading further. Being the Owner of a Mortgage Company and in the process of launching a new sister company, the letter made total sense to me about whether or not my own marketing was being read. I called right away and got Bill on the phone, and I told him my situation. In talking with him, I found that he was extremely knowledgeable and was eager to help me get the most of my advertising dollars. After a half hour on the phone with him, I realized all of my previous efforts in marketing were extremely costly and I could have saved a ton money and time by letting RocketPrint handle this part of my business. All I do now is pick up the phone and let them know where I want my mailings to go and they take care of it, and very inexpensively compared to others out there. The best part was that I also needed a new logo for my new sister company. Lisa the art designer was put in charge. I ended up with a logo that my competition envies and I get compliments on from just about everyone. If you are a business owner, whether large or small, you know that time and money are the essence of a successful business. These guys will help you save both, guaranteed!
  • Thank you so much everyone for all of your help!!!!!! I just went to our website to check it out and it looks fantastic!!! You guys are amazing!!!! Have a great day.
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