The land investing industry moves very quickly, which is why you need marketing tools that drive prospects to your doorstep as fast as possible. In order to increase your responses, you need to make it easy for interested sellers to contact you — and QR codes are perfect for that. With one quick scan, they are already on your website or landing page.

QR codes are also easy to create and affordable, allowing you to reduce marketing expenses and increase profits long-term.

By working with an expert in land investing marketing like us, you have the additional benefit of tracking every QR scan that occurs and see from a bigger perspective what marketing messages are generating responses and which ones are not.

In this article, we show you the five best ways to use QR codes in order to bring you more interested sellers for your land investment business.

1. The QR code goes to a counter offer form

Encourage communication with prospects by allowing them to respond to your postcard or letter with a counter offer. They’ll be able to scan the QR code on the paper and enter an offer for the sale of the property of interest that they are most comfortable with. This will not only increase response rates, but also give your prospects more opportunities to interact with your business. Once you have their contact information, you can follow-up with them and agree on the right price of the piece of land.

2. The QR code goes to an opt-in text message

Some prospects or customers may enjoy receiving quick updates via text. Whether there is the opportunity to snag a new deal, hear about events, or other news, text messages get communication out the fastest. A QR code enables these prospects to connect with you fast and easy. You also don’t have to limit QR codes to postcards or letters. Incorporate QR codes on banners, brochures, and other signage so that people can sign-up for texts as they walk by your place of business or event too.

3. The QR code goes to a contact form

This strategy is primarily focused on gathering contact information, so it streamlines the process of bringing in interested prospects. A landing page that includes a form for them to fill out their address, email, and/or phone number is a perfect way to gather leads for future communication. You could even throw in a free gift or coupon to ensure that a majority of the QR scanners give you their contact information. Lastly, make your message and the purpose of your business loud and clear on the page so that people who scan the QR code know exactly what they are signing up for – whether it be more information, a monthly newsletter, or coupon offer.

4. The QR code goes to an “About Us” page

Forge a deeper connection with your audience by using QR codes to guide them to your brand’s story. Share your company’s journey, mission, and values to build trust and strengthen the connection between your brand and customers so they know you are a legitimate and credible business. This may not seem like the best pathway to increasing leads, but consider that only those truly interested in what you have to offer will reach out, and they will know exactly who you are. It’s a great idea to include professional and personable photos of your leadership or staff and any other imagery that will show prospects what you have to offer as well.

5. The QR code goes to a YouTube video

While an “About Us” page gives prospects the opportunity to read about you, YouTube videos allow businesses to connect on a more visual level. Videos can be a powerful marketing tool in that they can hook interested visitors fast as well as stay with them long after for brand awareness. As a land investor, you can showcase how sellers can quickly receive offers and close deals within days, leaving a lasting impression.

Whether you decide to guide users to opt-in text messages, a contact form, “About Us” page, or informative YouTube video with your QR codes, the possibilities are vast. Embrace this dynamic tool and you could see how QR codes elevate your small business, drive engagement, conversions, and ultimately, a high return on investment.

How does it work?

By partnering with Rocket Print & Mail, you have access to exclusive deals and direct mail marketing technology at affordable prices. An Everywhere Land campaign includes a FREE QR code that is created by our designers and placed on your mailer. We can also create the corresponding landing pages and catch-and-close forms that the QR codes connect to. With a complete integrated marketing package, you’ll be able to generate leads easily for more land deals throughout the year.