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About 96% of visitors will leave your site before filling out a form.

Source: Unbounce Conversion Benchmark Report

Direct Mail Postcard Retargeting

Target Anonymous Website Visitors in their Postal Mailboxes!

How many of your website visitors come and go without ever giving you their contact information?

What if you could follow up with these prospects who were interested enough to visit your website, but never filled out a form on your website, by sending retargeted direct mail pieces right to their home USPS postal mailboxes?

With Website to Mailbox, you now have the power to send physical print postcards to prospects who visit your website even before they’ve provided you with their contact information. Website to Mailbox works by using a proprietary algorithm to see if a physical address can be matched to the website visitor. If a match is found, and the prospect fits your predetermined qualifying factors, a retargeting postcard is mailed automatically within 24 hours. If you are currently driving prospects to your website through digital marketing efforts, Website to Mailbox gives you the ability to increase credibility by 49% by putting a physical mail piece in front of only your most qualified prospects (Source: Royal Mail MarketReach, Neuro-Insight, 2018).

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How Website to Mailbox Works

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Step 1

Set Up Your Retargeting Tracking

We’ll help you get a tracking tag set up on your website and set the criteria for which website visitors you want to send physical print postal mail pieces. You will have the ability to target visitors to certain web pages, exclude visitors to specified web pages, set a geographical target area, and suppress against a customer list. You’ll also be able to set daily and monthly limits to stay within a preset budget and set the criteria for whether or not you want to re-mail to prospects who return to the site at a later date, and if so at what time intervals.

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Step 2

Create Your Retargeting Campaign

We’ll create a mail piece design that is tailored to the visitors being targeted, and optimized with the 12-points of a successful design that we have discovered after producing campaigns for 115,838 businesses nationwide.

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Step 3

Launch Your Campaign

Once you approve your setup criteria and the design(s) you will be using, your campaign will go live. Visitors will immediately begin matching to physical addresses and receiving targeted mail pieces.

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Step 4

Analyze Your Activity & Results

Your Website to Mailbox activity and results will be tracked and displayed in your easy-to-read dashboard. You’ll be able to see how many cards were mailed, plus when they mailed and where they were mailed to. You’ll even be able to see how many of these card recipients returned to your website after receiving a card!

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Website to Mailbox is surprisingly affordable, and the more you mail, the less it costs per card. Each campaign is tailored to your specific business and goals. Let’s have a quick chat about your business – don’t worry, our consultations are always free!

Just call 1-800-442-0112 to speak with a marketing consultant.

We are dedicated to winning your business, we will do our best to beat any comparable quote.


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Frequently Asked



Why not just retarget my website visitors with online ads?

While online ads are amazingly effective, direct mail tends to have a much higher response rate overall. We highly recommend using both approaches simultaneously for the best possible response.

Is the tag easy to set up?

Absolutely. It only takes a few minutes. We’ll provide simple instructions and plenty of assistance.

Is this Website to Mailbox program a good fit for my business?

Great question! This program is currently setup to match consumer mailing addresses so at this time it is recommended for business-to-consumer companies or business-to-business companies who have website traffic from employees working from their homes. We can provide you with an estimate of how many matches you will be able to receive, just contact a Marketing Consultant and they will assist you with that. Plus, you only pay for the matches you receive so there is no risk to setting it up, if your matches are low you will only be charged for those records.

How do you find physical addresses for anonymous visitors? Is that legal?

Internet Service Providers assign IP addresses to computers and devices automatically. An IP address can be identified and logged when a user accesses a website’s services and can be used to derive a user’s location. Collecting this data is a standard practice and is done automatically by many websites. Privacy and legality is maintained by keeping personally identifiable information separated or encoded, you will not receive contact names for the mailing addresses you receive. The challenging part about doing this is that several providers of this kind of information have loose criteria of how accurate their matches are. We have spent the last 2 years in research and development including relentless testing to ensure that we are providing only the most accurate matches to our clients. After testing almost every other similar product on the market, we know you will find that we offer the most accurate and effective matching you can find.

Will it work on my website?

Most likely, yes! As long as you have access to your site and can add a simple tag you are good to go! We will provide simple instructions and in many cases we can even assist you with placing the code on your website. In rare instances, some sites may not allow you to place a tag (for example some GoDaddy sites or Shopify Basic sites).  Just send us your website info, and we’ll let you know!

Will it work on my B2B Website?

The matching technology that we use only matches to home addresses. However, since many people are working from home these days or have home-based businesses, you will still get mailable matches. In our testing, we had match rates between 30-40% for B2B websites. Plus, you only pay for the matches you receive so you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Will I get the contact names of the people who visit my website?

No you will not be provided with a name. We only match to a physical address so your card will be mailed to “Current Resident” at the matching address.
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